“Where everyone knows your name…”

So, I haven’t blogged for yonks I know. Well over a month, but as I wasn’t actually working for about half that time it isn’t so bad!!

I’ve been back In weston, post Christmas break nearly a month now (seriously where did that time go?!?) and it is as challenging, odd, fun and wonderful as ever.

The first reason for today’s title is a great big thank you!! When I came back to Milton Keynes for Christmas I felt so completely loved, valued and welcomed back. Especially with you gorgeous C4 guys. I thank you because of who you are, for welcoming me back in to the group, for being so fantastically fun!! C4 is a picture of what a good youthgroup should look like, I am proud to call so many of you close friends. Don’t EVER change, cos the big man is gonna do HUGE things with you guys!! But this Thank you extends further into the rest of SMB and out into MK. I am so blessed to have amazing friends and family, who remain the same even though I’m down here and you’re up there . Walking into SMB gives me that warm fuzzy feeling right from the toes of my knackered trainers to the spiky bits on top of my head because I know I am home. I know I’m among people who care about me…and yeah not only know my name, but know a whole bunch more too!! So Thank you  so very many times!

The title for this blog also speaks of things that have happened since I have been back down In Weston. Things that make me really see that I have by no means been wasting my time down here. On the first morning I was back after Christmas I was feeling awful, having driven back at 6am to make an 11am meeting. I was walking back from the meeting, half asleep and honestly in  my own world when I heard a “Hiya Lex!!”. I looked down and there was one of the girls from my year 3 class waving madly up at me. I waved back and asked her a bit about her Christmas holidays and then off she went on her way. I was amazed, partly because this girl in question is a compulsive liar and having realised that I don’t believe most of what she says anymore she doesn’t really speak to me anymore and I thought she didn’t actually like me!!  I was also amazed (probably stupidly so) that in a place I have only lived for a few months that I get noticed, that people know me and that they want to say Hi. Granted, most of the people that recognise me are under the age of 18, but regardless of that being noticed and known in a place where I don’t have a lot of friends is an awesome feeling and makes me feel that just maybe I’m having more of an impact here than I will ever see.

So i guess through today’s blog I’m giving a challenge of sorts. Be that someone to say Hi. At work, school, college, church, the shops, or just walking down the road if there is someone that you see a lot take that time to learn/remember their name and give them a “Hiya!” and a mad wave (or a high five as another of my young people did!). In doing so, in taking a second to give them a smile, you might just be the person to make their week. You might be the person to make them see that they are not as unknown and lonely as they thought.

Go on, I dare you!!

Lex xx

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