Day 3: Favourite Christmas Movies…

If I love Christmas, which I have already stated in the first couple of days of Blogmas that I very much do, and I love films, which people who have even a mild acquaintance with will know that I do, Christmas movies are obviously going to be a subject which I feel very passionately about and get a touch excited over.

Now, of course there are the classics. Home Alone (obviously) and it’s sequel (I’d say one of the rarities in the film world where the sequel is better than the first… controversial), never the 3rd though, they went too far. Miracle on 34th Street (New one), because it is simply beautiful and I looked a bit like Mara Wilson when I was little, so happy childhood memories there. Elf, for obvious reasons. Muppet Christmas Carol, for equally obvious reasons. All films, which have a huge place in my heart and have to be watched at some point over the festive period.

But I am also a great believer in festive films that aren’t strictly “Christmas films”, that are bigger than the Christmas film genre if you will, but qualify for the fact that they have a scene of Christmas in them… or it’s particularly snowy. For example, all Harry Potter films can be classed as Christmas films and should be watched during the season of Advent. The same can be said for Bridget Jones and Love Actually. The railway children is another perfect example. All of these films can  (and very much will) be watched at other points during the year, but a festive viewing adds something extra special to them.

For me though, the Christmas film that comes above them all in my heart, and probably for reasons far above the film itself, is Jack Frost (the 1998 version). This was the first Christmas film that I owned personally, and is also one my mum and I enjoyed together, so it obviously stand out above others. But it really does have everything that one could possibly wish for in a Christmas film. Music, death, love, a cute kid, magic, snow, hockey, Canadians and a dog. Perfect!!

If you haven’t seen Jack Frost before, I can’t recommend it enough. Give it  a watch.

Lex xx

Blogmas Day No. 3

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One thought on “Day 3: Favourite Christmas Movies…

  1. Ahhh! Such a great movie, but so sad!!

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