Day 5: Favourite Christmas Food…

Even though we are but a mere 5 days into Blogmas I feel like I’ve talked a lot about food already, so a day devoted entirely to my favourite Christmas food feels exciting!

As I’ve already said, when I talked about Christmas traditions, cooking and eating together is a big part of how my family celebrate the festive season. To be honest, it’s how we celebrate a lot of seasons, we’re big eaters and  lot of us could probably qualify as feeders. It’s not out fault, it’s a genetic thing. My Nana loved to feed people, it was how she showed them she loved them, how she cared, how she looked after us. When we went for dinner at my Nana’s there was generally enough puddings for one each and at least one spare, so when it came to Christmas it kind of went into overdrive!

Obviously, there are going to be lots of festive delights then, that for  my family and I really make the Christmas season. But there is one product that I feel could make or break Christmas, meaning if they weren’t there we probably couldn’t celebrate quite in the same way. Cheesy footballs.

Now the majority of Bradley/Lingards feel pretty passionately about cheese in general. Especially the wonderful variety of Christmassy cheeses and I look back fondly on cheeses I’ve known and loved. A beautiful flaming hot cheese, for example, called Satan’s Twinkle. But if I start talking about cheese in general, we’ll be here all day. So let me share with you some reasons why I believe Cheesy Footballs are the best Christmas food…

  • They are only available at Christmas, meaning they feel very special
  • They are INCREDIBLY moreish
  • They are ball shaped and all food in a ball shape is better…. Meatballs… Malteasers… Melon balls…
  • They are wonderfully cheesy
  • They are the perfect accompaniment to a festive buffet supper
  • They can be quite porous and can be used, in an emergency, to soak up left over dip on a supper plate
  • There are multiple ways to eat them… how many can you find this Christmas?

I feel that with my sevenfold  reasoning of festive food, you will agree with me that I have chosen the best Christmas food and all go out today to stock up on Cheesy-ness. Rest assured I’ve made myself very hungry!

Lex xx

P.S. Best tip, get extra tins and hide them. Bring them out in April when you can’t buy Cheesy Footballs anymore and make everyone’s year! You’re welcome…


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