Blogmas Day 14: Carrot Sticks (McDonalds, 2017)…

Picture those magi- wisemen, kings, whatever you want to call them. Imagine those visitors from the East who came to visit Jesus after his birth baring gifts both strange and poignant.

I wonder if they came across many people as they travelled, people who they told where they were going. That they were going to visit the new born king, showed people the gifts they were taking with them. I wonder if they got strange looks, like the little girl from the lady on the bus.

You see the thing is, the carrot stick would be the perfect gift for reindeer, the little girl is indeed reindeer ready as the advert tells us. But the other people in the advert can see that it is also a little bit weird. One small carrot stick clutched in a mittened hand to onlookers seems a surprising gift to be taking to a reindeer, especially when, as her brother points out, it is in fact a troop of reindeer and not just the one.

As the wisemen clutched these gifts that they knew were perfect, I wonder if other people looked on and doubted the suitedness of the gift.

When it comes to the things we offer to God, I wonder if we too can feel like the little girl clutching one tiny carrot in our mitten, while people look on with raised eyebrows. Or like a wiseman taking a bottle of burial perfume to a new-born baby. But the thing these two gift givers have in common is that they know the person they are giving the gift too, and know that the gift is perfect.

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One thought on “Blogmas Day 14: Carrot Sticks (McDonalds, 2017)…

  1. braddersmk2

    Love this one!

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