Blogmas Day 16: Edgar the Dragon (John Lewis, 2019)…

I wonder what those early days were like in the family with the cousins John and Jesus knocking around together. I wonder if there were times when Elizabeth and her cousin Mary would simply have to shake their heads at their unique and out of the ordinary boys. We aren’t told at what age John started his interesting eating and dressing habits, but he probably wasn’t very old when he was off in the wilderness in his hairy pants, eating bugs. And we are told that by 12 Jesus is already causing people to raise their eyebrows at things he says, and causing his parents concern.

I wonder if at that early age Jesus and John just felt a bit much for their family. While they were both growing into themselves, working out what their calls from God were, and doing some growing up.

Edgar the Dragon is a lot. He’s adorable for sure, but he’s also a lot to handle as a friend. The little girl in the advert clearly loves Edgar and wants to be his friend, but also gets exasperated at how much he is sometimes, when he runs in, nose blazing (literally) and causes havoc.

Edgar needs to do some calming down, and to find his niche, to show the world what it is he that he is born to do- what his calling is- and do that. Perhaps there was a moment when it all suddenly clicked for Elizabeth and Mary, when Jesus and John finally grew into themselves, grew into their calling and their uniqueness finally made sense to those who could see.

Perhaps we can all sometimes be like Edgar, a little too keen to the point that the world can’t always see our gift for being wonderfully uniquely us. Let’s all hope this advent that we can have someone like the little girl who helps us grow into ourselves and help the world see our tur worth.

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