Blogmas Day 18: Monty The Penguin (John Lewis, 2014)…

I am often struck, as divided as it makes the crowds now, that Richard Curtis was really on to something with his seminal Christmas film, Love Actually. That film starts with the voiceover stating that love actually is all around. He’s not wrong!

Love is all around, and it is love that is the force beating deep within us, that makes so much of the world make sense. Love that completes us, love that drives so much of our lives.

In the advert it is love that is driving Monty. Monty has a lovely life, he has a best friend with whom he goes everywhere and does everything, Monty is a very lucky little penguin in many respects! But Monty yearned for more, for something else, that I don’t think he could quite put his finger (or wing) on at the start of the advert. It was the need for love, the need to love something just like him, that was ticking away deep inside of him.

Monty needed a penguin who was just like him to love him.

I wonder how often we find ourselves like Monty, we have a lovely life by so any standards, but there is just something that feels missing, and we cant quite work out what it is. It’s like there is a little whole in us somewhere, that can’t be filled by anything else. It needed to be filled with love, love of one who is just like us.

Jesus needed to come to earth, as a human, to fill that hole in each of us and to love us and be just like us. This advent, perhaps we could all remember that love actually is all around, and is indeed all we need, and is the reason for Jesus coming to be with us. One who is just like us.

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