Day 10: Cover a news story…

It’s split the world. Been international news. Trended on Twitter for 24 hours (being spoken about by some of the world’s most prolific and followed tweeters). 

On today, of all days, when asked to cover a news story, there is but one thing that I could mention. 


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you may well actually be living under a rock, but to summarise someone took a photo of a dress and the world went mental about colour it is. Some see white and gold, some see blue and black. Some think there is witch craft afoot and are very scared by the whole thing. 

Those helpful little chaps over at The One Show got a scientist on to explain what’s going on and why we can all see the same dress in different colours, but if I’m honest I wasn’t really listening and got a bit bored. It’s about our eyes and brains and I think the word rods was used too. 

This morning I could only see white and gold, then I looked at a different picture showing the original dress (which I can confirm is blue and black) and now I can see both at the same time… I’m a wizard ‘Arry. 

Basically here is a photo to put it all in some context: 


Either way, I think we can all agree that the dress is gross and is very lucky to have had this much press!! 

Lex xx

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