Day 11 & 12: One little word and a self portrait…

Ooopsie, missed another day, sorry about that! But, in my defence there is a bit of method in my madness. I saw a way to group these two prompts together, so I went with it. 

Do you know what little word I like and think gets a bad press? Nice. I really like the word nice and think it is underrated. Let me explain…

When I worked in boarding, the day I used to hate most were Sundays. Even on weekends when I wasn’t on duty, I hated Sundays because I had to go back to work at 4:00. I spent the little bit of afternoon that I did have clock watching, packing my stuff up for the week and resenting my stolen Sunday afternoon and evening. In fact, the whole weekend used to feel a bit weird. Because I lived at school during the week, not having normal evenings, I used to feel pressure to try and make my weekends as awesome as possible, cramming all the friends, all the events and all the fun I possibly could into my one precious day. 

But now, now I have a normal job, now I don’t live in a convent, now I have evenings, I have nice weekends. I don’t feel the pressure to squeeze it all in to one 24 hour period and have awesome, incredible, unforgettable weekends; I’m ok with having nice weekends. Chilled, relaxed, simple, gentle weekends. Sometimes they are big and crazy, but it’s ok (and often needed!) just to have a nice weekend, full of space. Sunday afternoons have become my favourite time of the weekend, post dinner, when I know I have a full afternoon and evening to relax befor work starts agiain.Having spent two years without that, I value that time so much. 

So nice is the one little word I’ve chosen to write about today. Nice. Its quiet. It’s gentle. It’s relaxed. There’s no massive expectation in nice, meaning there’s little disappointment in nice. It is what it is. 

I’ve had a really nice weekend. I’m having a really nice afternoon: there is a new book, there’s a teapot, there will be cheese on toast later. Nice. 

To illustrate the niceness, here is my nice self portrait for day 12…

Lex xx

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