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Day 40: Why…?

So here it is, the final day, final countdown, final curtain… No I’m not dying it’s just that this is the last day of my current blogging project. 

And for this final day I ask myself why…?

Why did I start doing this in the first place? Well as I said at the time, ever the one to take the bull by the horns, I decided to write every day for 40 days to cure my writer’s block, to release water into that dry well. In February, having written about the last thing I ever thought I would ever share, I thought there was nowhere left to go. I thought at 25, with one book under my belt and less than a hundred relatively mediocre blogs, that I’d run out of words. I didn’t know what else to say, having said the thing I’d never say…

So the only option was to bear everything, literally. To find all the other stuff to share, to realise that blogs don’t have to be earth shattering and go viral. They just have to be thoughts that get shared. Because this is what my blog is, an open journal. So during these 40 days I learnt that it’s ok to just talk about my favourite songs, or things I like. Writing is writing, and that is what makes my brain work, not ripping my soul out and putting on a page every single day (I’m not staying I won’t do that sometimes, just maybe not all the time).

And the second why is, why are you stopping here? I realise that this is the 40th day, but A) I’m posting this on day 39 and B) lent doesn’t end for a week. The reason I’m stopping today is because I’m going away. Today I trolley off down south to Soring Harvest and there will be pretty pants signal there so the actual act of posting will be problematic. But mainly I want to be present for the week I’m down there and not thinking about what to post next. I’m really hoping to be challenged and stretched this week and what to experience that in the moment. 

So no words from me for a little while, but then I guess you may have got bored of me whaffing on by now anyway, right? 

Lex xx


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Day 39: Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first ten songs…

Ok nice and easy then…

  1. Syndicate- The Fray
  2. When you believe- Prince of Egypt soundtrack
  3. The way the world works- Pixie Lott
  4. Now- Beathany Dillon
  5. Saviour of the world- Worship Central
  6. What about us- The Saturdays
  7. Lippy Kids- Elbow
  8. One More- Superchick
  9. Somebody that I used to know- Walk off the earth
  10. Someone wake me up- The Veronicas

I have a 20gb iPod with around 10,000 songs on, so that could have gone many places! Take a listen to any on there, they’re not half bad. 


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Day 38: Being Hit On…

(Ooops, technically this is a day late cos it’s just gone midnight!)

So the other week I thought I was being hit on. Believe it or not it doesn’t happen that often and so it isn’t something I wander around thinking all the time. But this time I thought I was being hit on. 

I was at the gym doing a long run. I was on the treadmill and had been for about 40 minutes when I realised that the girl a couple of treadmills across from me was looking at me. I could see her out of the corner of my eye and she kept looking. I thought to myself, is she checking me out?! 

She got off the treadmill and moved on to some weights, but was still in sight of me and carried on looking. I got to the end of my 10k and got off the treadmill, looked at this girl as I went downstairs, she was obviously interested in me… But wasn’t coming over to talk to me. Shy as I am, I wasn’t going to go and ask if she liked what she saw…

When I got home I realised why she’d obviously been so interested in me. I had sweated half my hair dye off and my face had turned blue. 

She wasn’t hitting on me at all.

Lex xx


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Day 37: What was your first car and what are you driving now…

For my 17th birthday my dad bought me Pig. Pig was a Rover 25 and I loved her, she drove well, was a proper car and took me so many wonderful places. Me and Pig were happy together for about a year and a half… Then tragedy struck! On the 13th of November 2009 I wrote pig off. It was a very traumatic accident that, had it happened only half a mile earlier up the road would definitely have killed my passenger and I, and could have easily killed us where it did happen anyway! We were so lucky to get out with out more injuries; my burns and bruised boob and our shock and whiplash was so much better than it could have been! But my beautiful Pig couldn’t be saved, it was too much for her… 


So then I got Clifford, the little red car. Cliff was my knight in shiny burgandy armour, coming to my rescue when I needed some wheels and needed to feel safe driving again. While I was at uni and worked at Bridgebuilder I drove HUNDREDS of miles a month and Cliff was a steady friend through all of that. He was nippy, not so much in his later years, and worked well, again not so much in his later years. Towards the end, he didn’t actually lock, was starting to fall apart and consumed fuel like a beast. In 2014, after 5 years of happy motoring Cliff and I parted ways. 

I purchased Maggie in October last year and it was love at first rev. Maggie is a dream, she is sturdy, safe, fast and fun (I promise you I’m not describing a girlfriend!) I hope to have many a happy year with pootling around with Maggie.

Lex xx


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Day 36: The Happiest Day of your Life…

Another tricky one today, there have been lots of days that have been some of the happiest of my life, for lots of different reasons… 

But I’ve decided to pick out three as top of the pops. (Cue some pictures of Fat Lex!)

In 2009 my brother got married and it honestly one of the happiest day of my life. Not only was it one kickass wedding with many of my favourite people there celebrating together, but in all honesty (and I know you’re not supposed to say this) but my big brother is one of my best mates and on that day in 2009 he married another of my best friends, sealing them as one of my favourite couples in the world. I love them to pieces and it made me so happy to be a part of their day and see how much they loved each other.


Another of the happiest days was the day I graduated. Purely for the fact that it was LONG time coming and a day that at so many points along the journey didn’t actually seem possible. The day I graduated proved to me that there was so much that WAS possible… and it was down to me and my hard work. Graduating felt so much better because it came with a story and a battle, the blood, sweat and tears made the victory so much sweeter. 


The third happiest day that I want to tell you about (and I bet lots of you can guess what I’m going to say) is  the day that I met one of my best buddies. On the 18th November 2013 I met Noah, became his auntie and fell in love. I can’t spend enough time with this guys and holding him when he was just a few hours old is something I will never forget.


As with any happy day and big event all of these days were a little bittersweet as they were edged with the sadness that my mum should have been there being as happy as the rest of us. But I’m used to that bitterweetness now and use it as something of a barometer, if it the happiness is balanced with almost equal sadness that she’s missing out, I know it must be a really good day… That probably sounds really mental.

Lex xx

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Day 35: What are you currently reading and what was the last book you read…? 

So there is some marked juxtaposition in the answers to these two questions and I quite like it. 

The last book I read was a beautiful work of chick-lit wonder. Giovanna Fletcher is a fabulous writer (and also just so happens to be part of my favourite celeb family, one half of the cutest/coolest celeb couples and mother of the coolest a little boy, bar my nephew, in the world). ‘Billy & Me’ is Giovanna’s first novel and is a beautifully told love story. But not only is it a classic boy meets girl rom-com, there is a lot of depth and “other stuff” going on in there too. It discusses friendship and how it can go above and beyond generations, family, grief and the bittersweet world of fame. I loved it and would happily recommend it to anyone. 


The book I am currently reading is as completely different to a romantic comedy love story as could be. ‘How to be a woman ‘ by Caitlin Moran is a guide to feminism for the every day woman. It is laugh out loud funny, shockingly honest and something that every single woman needs to read. I used to be a feminist that shied away from the actual term because of the negativity attached to it. Now I’m proud to wear that badge and ridiculously proud to be a woman! I will and have recommend this book to every lady I know (I did one chapter in!) but it isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s a touch rudey dudey, what am I saying? The chapter on what one should call your upstairs and downstairs areas is downright filthy and would make many (not just the prudes like me) blush! 


Seriously get reading folks!! 

Lex xx


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Day 34: Advice your parents gave you that you wish you’d taken…

I remember some, now pretty, infamous (well in my head anyway) advice my mum gave me once when I was about 6 or 7. The piece of advice was, don’t eat that whole bunch of grapes, you’ll get a tummy ache. 

I ate all the grapes. I got a tummy ache. 

I’m not sure why I didn’t take the advice at the time. Well, that’s not true, I do. I didn’t listen because I was 7 and I really like grapes. But man did I wish I’d taken that advice, would have saved me some bother! 

There is plenty of advice, over my 25 years, that my parents have given me that I’ve heard, forgotten/ignored and neglected to take. And because of the amount of times I’ve had to wipe egg off my face and learn from hindsight, I like to think I’m getting better at heeding parental advice. 

But recently, I’ve been learning about pieces of advice that I’ve been given and taken at the time that have proved why you maybe shouldn’t always, always take the things your ma n pa tell you at face value. For example…

  • Bread and cake straight out of the oven is not indigestible and it won’t give you a tummy ache, they just don’t want you to eat it. 
  • There is no such thing as being “too cold to snow”, it is scientifically impossible. 
  • If you suck your thumb your thumb won’t shrink and you won’t need braces… My two matching thumbs and perfectly straight teeth beg to differ on that one.
  • If a Father Christmas at a Christmas party where your mum works gives you an amazing present, it is not the real Father Christmas, your mum bought and wrapped that present for you. (That one still hurts)

Oh and…

  • Having a bath is not like swimming, you don’t have to wait half an hour after eating… I can confirm you won’t get cramp in the bath (I feel a fool for believing that one until VERY recently) 

Big props go to two friends for this list, Jane who believed the lies too and Catherine for telling me what’s real… She still won’t inform me where babies come from though…? 

So my advice, which you can take or not, is to listen to your parentals, cos they’re generally doing it for your own good, and so what you might believe a lie for a while. In my book that makes for an interesting and humourous childhood! But there are some things you’ve just gotta believe the first time someone tells you, and seriously believe me, don’t eat all the grapes, you’ll get a tummy ache. 

Lex xx


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Day 33: 10 Favourite Songs…

As with any of these top 10 prompts, this one is difficult! But since December compiling top 10s has become one of my favourite hobbies, so much so that my friend Kate got me a top 10 notebook with titles ready for me to list for Christmas. In February I was having drinks with friends and we got to top 10ing and we decided with these more complex ones (books,films,songs) what needs to happen is a regular list to see how they change, and its ok for things to move around. 

So for today, 22/03/15, here is my top 10 song list… it will change by Friday probably!!

Nature’s Law, Embrace. This song is beautiful and I have happy memories of singing this loudly to my ex boyfriend in Asda because he said he didn’t like the song. 

Like An Avalanche, Hillsong United: It is a rare tha a worship song sticks being something I could listen to at any time for years, this one has stayed the course. Its incredible.

Starry Eyed, Ellie Goulding: Ellie is the queen as far as I’m concerned and this was her first offering and it just reminds me of buying her first album and falling in love.

I write sins not tradegies, Panic! At The Disco: Back in the day when I was a wannabe emo kid, I fell hard for Panic at the disco. And even now this continues to be a favourite to run to. 

How To Save A Life, The Fray: It’s just beautiful really. 

Girl All The Bad Guys Want, Bowling For Soup: I fell in love with this song when I was about 10, I’m not over it yet.

Adele Medley, Alex Goot, Justin Robinett & Michael Henr: This is technically cheating, but these are all some of my favourite songs and this medley cover is A-Mah-Zing!!

Closet Thing To Crazy, Katie Melua: Do yourself a favour, see this woman live!! 

Love Is On The Radio, Mcfly: Ok, strictly, my favourite version of this is by Tom and Carrie Fletcher. They’re who I try to model my relationship with my brother on, Simon learn this please, I’ll sing. 

Diamonds And Waste, Kate McGill: I don’t even remember how I found this song, I think a young person told me to check Kate McGill out, glad i followed the advice. 

Titanium, David Guetta feat. Sia: This song is and will always be awesome. I once had a dream that we had to pick a song to be played as we graduated, I picked this. Shows the depth of my love.

We Found Love, Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris: When I first heard this song, I knew I had just heard one of my all time faves. I can’t explain what it is about it, I just love it. Me and a friend used to play this in the car before uni to prepare us emotionally for lectures. This is on every single one of my workout playlists and if it comes on, even if I’ve run loads already and am dead on my feet, it makes me sprint. Turn it up, enjoy…


Lex xx

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Day 32: Why and when did you start blogging?

This writing prompt appears on so many of the lists of 30 day challenges that it is obviously something that people think is a really interesting thing for others to read about. But to be honest, surely for most people it’s a matter of “I thought some of what I was thinking would be interesting to other people, so I wrote it down”. That is sure as hell one of the reasons on my list! 

But if I think back to when I started this very public journal, there are other reasons too.

I started blogging 6 years ago. It was the October/November of my gap year and I was miserable. I was lonely, home sick and questioning why I had just uprooted myself from my home, friends and family to live in a place where the kids I was working with weren’t particularly nice to me (Oh look, we appear to have come full circle!). 

By means of sharing what I was thinking, feeling and reflecting on with a wider audience of people (meaning I wouldn’t have to tearfully trolley through it all on the phone countless times) I started writing it down and sharing it with the wider world. As the posts evolved, they went from me just grumbling, to me grumbling, reflecting on what I was trying to learn and question whether other people might like to reflect on it too. 

During that year blogging was one of my lifelines. And in the six years hence it has continued to be a huge part of my life, becoming the thing that turn to in any of life’s events; from the momentous (graduating and coming out) to the relatively mundane ponderings (like my brain farts on feminism and singleness). 

Oh and let us not forget the, frustrated writer in me whose ego was stoked many times by blogging. She’s calmed down slightly though, seeing as somebody has now actually paid for and published some of my words.

Lex xx


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Day 31: 5 Things you should have done today…

Oooh lovely, I do love to finish a day with a list of “shoulda,woulda,coulda”s… What larks!! 

Today I should have…

  1. Watched the eclipse: There are only so many eclipses you get to see in your life and the class I was teaching this morning weren’t even alive in 99 when we had the last. So as one of the few places in the country without full cloud coverage, I should have taken the decision to let them have a look outside, rather than ploughing on with the swoon theory inside.
  2. Used my free wisely: I have one free on a Friday and it is my most wasted of the whole week. Today I should have marked some year 10 assessments, instead I watched some documentaries on youtube about The Shroud of Turin. 
  3. Not eaten a lot of digestives: Left over packet from year 11 biscuit break earlier in the week, led to a pre lunch biscuit break of my own. 
  4. Gone for a run: It totally could have happened, it didn’t. It needs to start happening more considering I’m A) eating really badly at the moment and B) technically training for a triathlon! 
  5. Finished the blog that was supposed to be posted today: I have a half finished blog on my computer that I’m just too tired to  finish tonight. Bashing out a neat little list blog was easier to do. Tomorrow I will post the half finished one. Promise. 

Lex xx


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