Day 42: My Promise to you…

I have a Pinterest board of grief things; quotes, pictures, activities and other little things I find interesting related to grief. The picture that sprang to my mind when I read this prompt was the first picture I ever saved to the board, years ago. 

It can be an odd thing to make promises to someone who has died. There is the potential it could hold you in an unhealthy place- bound to something that feels all encompassing. But it can also be something that saves you, a promise that pulls you on, beyond the darkest shadows of your grief. 

I think this quote falls into the latter kids of promise. 


I have shared this picture before, when I wrote about grief through holy week (an apt time to go and read those if you haven’t before). It is a beautiful quote of defiance in the face of grief. 

And I think that is my aim in my grief, my promise to my mum. That I will be defiant. That I will live. That I will carry on loving.  My promise is that I will survive. 

Lex xx


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