Day 45: How I will continue coping every day…

I spoke the other day about my Pinterest grief board, and Pinterest being the kind of site that recommends things it thinks you will find interesting- this was what it had for me this morning, and I loved it, and it felt really relevant for today’s prompt. 

I think most people, when they are first flung into grief, ask how they are ever going to cope. The comment that I often got from friends, as a bereaved young person, was that they didn’t know how they would cope. And the truth is, the thing you learn quite quickly when you’re grieving, is that you don’t know how you cope, there isn’t a an equation to it. You just cope. You just do. Because there isn’t another choice. 

And how do we cope, and carry on coping as the shadows grow longer? You do what this quote I’ve just found suggests. You sit with it, when when you don’t want to. Even when it feels counter intuitive and like the very thing that constitutes not coping. You sit with your grief. You sit in the shadows and you feel it. And as you feel it, over the weeks and months and years, you realise that you’re coping. 

And that is how I will carry on coping every day, I will sit with it, even when I hate it, and I will feel. 

Lex xx


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