Day 44: After…

(I like today’s and yesterday’s prompts… it’s like a double bill, a two parter!) 

We can’t stay forever in the before, because grief catapults us into the after. During the first throws of grief- the first weeks, months and years- we fight against the after. We feel we have been wrongfully and rudely ripped from the before. We rage against the world and fight to get back to before. Something that isn’t actually there anymore. 

what can I do with it

But with time, while we don’t get over things, we find a place in the after. A place that makes sense for us, we realise that while our person may not be in the after with us, love exists in the after. There is life and joy and light in the after. We still exist in the after, even though we thought it might kill us when we were first dumped there by grief. 

And, with a bit more time, we can take our bag of shattered fragments, our broken hearts, our fractured spirits, and begin to rebuild in the after. 

Lex xx



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