Day 47: Sunset & Sunrise…

Well here we are, 47 days after Ash Wednesday, we are here at Easter Sunday. The day death died, alleluia Christ is risen! 

Easter reminds us that we can believe in hope beyond our earthly lives. Easter reminds us that as many sunsets that we see here on earth, as many tears as we shed as we watch the sun set, that we need not lose hope. The sun will rise. The sun will always rise, perhaps not here on earth, perhaps not in this life but we can have hope that, one day, somewhere else, the sun will rise. Just as The Son rose, and conquered death and grief. 

I want to finish this blog, and this writing project, with a poem by John T Baker. A poem that picks up this theme of sunset and sunrise, and incidentally the poem that was read at my mum’s funeral. 

Along the shore I spy a ship As she set out to sea;
She spreads her sails and sniffs the breeze
And slips away from me.
I watch her fading image shrink,
As she moves on and on, Until at last she’s but a speck,
Then someone says, “She’s gone.”
Gone where? Gone only form our sight
And from our farewell cries;
That ship will somewhere reappear to other eager eyes.
Beyond the dim horizon’s rim, resound the welcome drums,
And while we’re crying, There she goes!
They’re shouting, Here she comes!
We’re built to cruise for but a while
Upon the trackless sea
Until one day we sail away into infinity. 
Lex xx
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