Day 16: Guilty Pleasures…

My biggest guilty pleasure, one that I partook in this very evening, is that if there is no cream/ ice cream/ custard available I put milk on cakes and puddings. I was going to take a picture of my pudding this evening to illustrate how beautiful and not gross this particular guilty pleasure is, but it was too good and I ate it before I took a photo. 

People react very strongly to my guilty pleasure, in fact it has caused people to publicly disown me. But I argue, don’t knock it until you try it. Its a habit I learnt from my uncle, so I’m also arguing that it’s genetic. 

I could write more about my guilty pleasure, like my secret love of Mrs Brown’s Boys and American Pie, microwaved cheese sandwiches and the feeling of taking an eyelash out of my eye (it’s almost worth putting them in, just to take them out), but I’m crazy tired and need to hit the hay. Night night.

Lex xx

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