Day 14: Christmas Tree Reveal…

So, the full onslaught of Christmas service madness I mentioned before has well and truly started. Three services Sunday, Two today, three tomorrow. It’s all a bit bananas and I am having to plan my time expertly to ensure I get everything done and still have time to eat and sleep…something that didn’t happen much last night!

With this in mind, I am mixing up some of my prompts, with the intention of choosing some of the lighter writing ones for this week while I am super busy.

So, as I’m not currently at “home, home” and haven’t yet seen our tree, and don’t have a tree in my little flat (although I nearly did!) I will share one of the many trees that I get to call partly mine because they are in my many sites of work. This evening as I went in to church to go and lead evening prayers, and it was semi dark and it was just me, I was struck by just how beautiful St Peter’s tree is.

So I’m revealing theirs…


Right, now I’m off to complete this evening’s to do list! Festive!!

Lex xx


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