Day 12 & 13: How are you counting down to Christmas & when did you stop believing in Santa…?

So, yesterday was the first day that I managed to fail in my aim to blog every day up until Christmas day. Ooops. A thousand apologies, but it was my work Christmas do on Friday and so Saturday morning was a little tough and then I was busy for the rest of the day. So you are getting a bumper edition today! 

First off, how am I counting down to Christmas? Well the way I would have loved to be counting down was with either the Yankee candle calendar or the gin calendar, but i thought spending £25 on candles or £150 on gin was a little much in the end. I do have three calendars though. There is my advent candle which my auntie buys me each year, I love candles and light some most evenings, so this is a lovely thing to have. My other advent calendars are a standard picture one with chunks of the story from the Bible. And then a Wilkinson’s own version of Lego (“Blox”) one. It’s really good as it only cost £5 and it’s fun to build things everyday. What isn’t fun is that there was obviously no thought that went in to what went in which day. So i currently have loads of half built things or bricks that can’t go anywhere yet. What say’s counting down to Christmas better than a headless Snowman and a decapitated Santa head?! 

The other question for today is about when I stopped believing in Santa. I think I was probably quite old. I was probably 11, so considering my brother was 15/16 at that point he managed to be really nice and not ruin things for me. I had every reason to stop believing as my dad always played at church for the midnight communion, which means there was always someone up to sneak presents in to stocking s and take sneaky bites out of mince pies. But the final deciding factor that made me stop believing was when I was out shopping with my mum and I saw my letter to Father Christmas in her handbag. Busted! I like that I believed for so long, it was magic!

Something I do feel like I need to apologise for on this topic, is for that one year when I’d read a book about reindeer and what they ate, meaning I left a mushroom out for Rudolph rather than a carrot. Sorry to whoever had to nibble that raw mushroom!!

Lex xx 

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One thought on “Day 12 & 13: How are you counting down to Christmas & when did you stop believing in Santa…?

  1. chiedza4

    You are also counting down by blogging!

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