Day 37: Books…

I often get asked for my book recommendations for grief and bereavement, and I am always very keen to pass on my favourites. 

  • Always and Forever – A really good picture book for very young children. Beautiful illustrations, lovely story, really touching and doesn’t shy away from difficult stuff. 
  • A Monster Calls – A book I can not recommend enough, for both teenagers and adults. To understand teenage grief, this is the book (or film) to go to.  
  • Still Here with me – For adults who are desperately trying to understand what it is like to experience significant bereavement as a child or young person. Letters written by real children and young people. 
  • God on Mute – If you’re a Christian and a part of grief is struggling with the concept of unanswered prayer, this book is phenomenal. I have read my copy until it has fallen apart. 
  • Grief is the thing with Feathers – If you fancy something a little bit arty, weird and poetic, this might be for you! 
  • Once More we Saw stars – A book I’ve not actually read, but is the next grief book on the list. I’ve heard the author speak on a podcast about grief and his story and this book are heart breaking but incredible.

I hope that someone finds a book that they fall in love with from that list, or even just one that might be useful. 

Lex xx


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