Blogmas Day 9: Mog’s Calamity (Sainsbury’s 2015)…

The Messiah was supposed to be big news. The prophesies about a coming Messiah who would come to rescue God’s chosen people had been happening for hundreds of years before Mary and Joseph ever got to the stable. The Israelites knew these prophesies, probably memorised many of them, and watched for signs of his coming.

If you are told, for hundreds of years, that God has a rescue mission, that someone is going  to come and deal with all your enemies and save you from everything, you’re going to have a picture in your mind of what you’re expecting. A tiny baby, born into poverty, and attracting attention from  all the wrongs sorts of people is the exact opposite of what the Israelites expected and probably wanted. This Messiah wasn’t strong, impressive and right now he couldn’t even control his own bladder. What a weird rescue mission.

In the advert Mog saves the day, she is a hero, but in a way that feels very unhero-like. If the family had been told that their Christmas was going to be saved, I can almost guarantee that this wouldn’t be the way they pictured or wanted it at all. But this is the rescue mission and the hero they get.

Jesus is the Messiah and the incarnation is the rescue mission we get, even if it’s not what we expected.

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One thought on “Blogmas Day 9: Mog’s Calamity (Sainsbury’s 2015)…

  1. chiedza4

    Hi Lex ENjoying your blogmas writings! Today’s is pretty much the intro to my talk this Sunday!

    Love Gill x

    Gill Bradley Pastoral Ministry Leader St Frideswides Water Eaton Water Eaton Church Centre Drayton Road Bletchley MK2 3RR 0772 555 3904


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