Blogmas Day 8: The Supporting Act (BBC1, 2017)…

Humanity was in a mess. The story of the Old Testament makes no secrets of this. It is our shared story how time and time again we turned our back and ignored God the father, who loved and pursued.

In the advert the dad is there the whole time, never once was he absent, but the little girl was so consumed with her dance that she was too busy to take much notice of the fact that her dad was there, loving her and looking after her the whole time. In the end, the thing that made her realise he was there, and had been there the whole time, was him getting on her level, showing her he knew her dance, and was just like her.

In the end, for us to notice and realise that God was there, and had been there the whole time, loving us, God needed to get on our level. Jesus needed to come as a human being, because for humanity to take a blind bit of notice of him, he needed to show us that he knew our dance, and could dance it along with us when we forget our steps and get stage fright.

Maybe Advent this year could be our timely reminder that God our Father is there, has always been there, loving us, pursuing us, and knows all the steps just in case we forget what we’re doing.

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