Blogmas Day 7: The Journey (John Lewis 2012)…

We’re on journeys again, and another absolute banging song. For me the journey the snowman goes on here sums up the journey of the Godhead to make the incarnation possible. In the advert the snowman knew the perfect gift for the snow woman, and was prepared to go to any lengths to make it happen, even if it was costly and dangerous to him.

The journey to incarnation, and throughout life, wasn’t easy for Jesus. It was costly and dangerous and was ultimately a journey that saw him start life amongst animal poo, and end it dying the agonising death of a criminal. But his presence as God among and with us was worth the cost. Jesus’ presence as Immanuel, God with us, was the perfect gift for which God was willing to go to any lengths.

For me, the message of this advert is twinned perfectly with the lyrics of its soundtrack, “The power of love, a force from above.” This is what love looks like, to go to any lengths to give of oneself for others, in spite of danger and without counting the cost. Jesus himself told his followers that there was no greater love than to lie down ones life for others.

This Advent, maybe we can all begin to understand in new ways the power of that kind of love, which is a force from above. And to live lives modelled after Jesus, God incarnate, being willing to journey on, not counting the cost, for the love of others.

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