Blogmas Day 21: Give a little Love (John Lewis, 2020)…

At Christmas we’re all about light. We light candles. Light both the insides and outsides of our homes so that they twinkle and shine. Count down the Sundays of Advent using candles. Now this is useful, at least in part, because Christmas falls during the darkest point of the year, so the lights matter. But at Christmas we remember Jesus the light of the world, shining in the darkness to be with us.

But at Christmas we’re also all about love. We want to be near to those people we love the most- especially at the moment when that feels in jeopardy. We give gifts to our nearest and dearest as tokens of our love. And we remember that Jesus, that light of the world, coming into the world to show us what God’s love looks like.

Christmas is all about light and love.

In the advert we see just how far one little bit of love can spread. One simple act of kindness has massive repercussions for many, many other people. This advert, from last year when we needed to see a message of love and kindness more than most years, depicts a chain reaction of love.

In this way love and light are the same. In a dark place even just a tiny glimmer of light shines brightly. Just the spark of one single match can illuminate a darkened room. Just the light of one tiny baby can light up the whole world. Love is the same. In a place full of fear and hate, just the tiniest shred of love makes all the difference.

In a dark world, light cannot be hidden. In a scared and hurting world, love simply cannot be hidden. This Christmas let’s give a little love, and not hide it when we do.

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One thought on “Blogmas Day 21: Give a little Love (John Lewis, 2020)…

  1. So beautiful – the advert, and your words Lex. Thank you, and thanks be to God xx

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