Blogmas day 22: Holidays are Coming (Coco-Cola, Every year)

For many people this advert is the point that signals Christmas really being on its way. This advert has been Coca-Cola’s Christmas advertising campaign for as long as I can remember.

There’s a couple of points that we can make from this particular advert. The first is similar to the things I’ve already spoken about- the prophesies. As we count down through Advent we read some of those prophesies, we remember the key characters who pointed to the coming Messiah. And as we do the excitement and anticipation builds, like the repeated “Holidays are coming” in the advert. Friends, we’re so nearly there now, Christmas is coming, Jesus is coming to be with us.

Mainly though, I want to talk about that famous final line, “tis the season, always the real thing”. Jesus is the reason for this season, as the old adage goes. We would not be celebrating, sharing time with loved ones, giving gifts, and enjoying all the other festivities that we do without those original events of Christmas. It is the season during which we celebrate the incarnation, and remember the incredible gift we have in God’s presence amongst us.

Perhaps this year more than most, we need this season more than ever.

Jesus is the real thing. Jesus is God incarnate. The real thing has come to be with us, to give himself to us, and therefore we have this season. What a wonderful thing.

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