Blogmas Day 23: Man on the Moon (John Lewis, 2015)…

We were so like that old man on the moon. Humanity was out there, thinking it was on its own, desperate to know that we weren’t, but we had lost our ability to see that God was there all along. The Old Testament is the story of God, like that little girl, waving at us from afar, and realising that we simply wouldn’t see him, and therefore thought he wasn’t there and didn’t care. Humanity had told itself that God had forgotten us and we were out there on our own.

But God, just like that little girl, hadn’t and wouldn’t give up on us. And didn’t stop at any lengths to get through to us. God sent Jesus to Earth so that we would have a means of communication once more. Jesus is like our telescope. Through him, we can come to God. Through him we are able to see that we are not on our own.

I don’t know about you, but it feels like this Christmas, after this year that has cost so many so much, there are lots of us who feel like we are out there on our own. We feel particularly like the man on the moon, isolated and sad, lonely and feeling unloved. So this Christmas, I pray that w all know the truth of the incarnation, that God has sent Jesus to be with us so that we would know that we are not alone, that God sees us and cares about us, and that through Jesus we can come back to God.

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