Day 1: 10 Little Known Facts About Me…

If you didn’t see on Facebook or Twitter, I’m struggling with “where do I go from here?” writers block after my last very important, personal and well read blog. As a cure to that, I’m aiming to blog every day in lent with the help of some simple writing prompts. 

A relatively easy start today, and I like the idea that there is still so much that people don’t know about me. I am, in many ways, far too open, almost candid, in my blogs and on social media. But there are still many things that you don’t know. Let me throw some facts at your eyes… 

1) I have dermotillomania (obsessive skin picking). Ever seen me chewing my fingers or picking at the skin on my arms and face? Yeah I find that difficult to stop! I can lose half an hour at bedtime if I get picking..

2) I have technically had plastic surgery (on Harley Street no less). I have a tooth implant, it’s hand painted and is complete with a big chunk of titanium screwed into my jaw. In the event of a nuclear explosion I like to think my implant will become part of the new cockroach kingdom 

3) My favourite animals are goats. I can’t really tell you why, I just really like them. I think they’re cute and would love a pet goat. Bucks goat centre is my favourite place on earth! 

4) I once spread a rumour about myself. In year 8, half of my year believed that I was pregnant for a about a week. Again, I can’t really tell you why that happened. It was a joke that got out of hand and seemed funny at the time. 

5) I used to have an imaginary twin. She was called Jess. I really wanted a twin. (I also had an imaginary dog called Barney) 

6) One of my favourite books as a child was called ‘Isabelle’s Noisy tummy’ and is ultimately about a girl accidentally farting at school. Comedy gold. 

7) I sucked my thumb until I was 8. Actually, to be honest, if I’m watching telly in bed or feeling particularly sad/poorly it still happens. 

8) When I was little I was scared of Moira Stewart (the news reader). It was because she had really intense, piercing eyes and not, like my brother said, because I was racist as a child. 

9) I can fit 16 mini cheddars in my mouth. True story. 

10) (And here’s a revelation) I’ve never seen a Star Wars, Lord of the rings or James Bond film… And I’m a little bit proud of that. 

So there you go, 10 lesser known facts about me. Why don’t you share some things that other people might not know…

See you tomorrow 
Lex xx

Finally something easy! First Birthday Cake. And I think I have that exact cake plate!

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