Day 2: The Last Thing you Apologised for…


I’m sorry because THIS wasn’t supposed to be today’s topic and it’s completely lame in comparison. I have this morning shot and edited a vlog (one prompt) covering where I blog from (a second prompt). Two birds with one blog baby!! But I’m having epic, ipad/imovie not talking to Youtube/computer issues and I’m about to burst into tears and need to get something sorted and posted for today. 

I apologise for a lot of stuff, I’m so very English in the way that I approach life. If there is nothing to apoligise for then I’ll genuinely be quite sorry about that. My personal favourite apology of mine was when a man got out of his car next to me and slammed his door into my car and I smiled at him and said sorry!?! Too many sorrys for my own good right there!! 

So, little readers, I am genuinely sorry that my best laid plans have gone awry this morning. But rest assured that when I have more time and patience, that there will be a vlog/blog treat for you… 

See you tomorrow when I’ll maybe be less rubbish (or maybe not)!!

Lex xx

ONLY 2 MORE DAYS till i am home and with my family!

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