Day 6: What’s in your bag…

Haha, so I’ve not yet made it to double figures and I’ve already managed to miss a day! For those of you that can count, day 6 was indeed yesterday (Monday) and I am posting this today (Tuesday). Ooops! I was marking until about 11:30 last night and I just couldn’t take an extra half an hour to blog before hitting the hay. So I’m doing an early bird special today which also means you’ll get two in one day (I’ll post day 7 later on). I spoil you ambassador with this blogging goodness. 

The reasoning behind choosing today’s prompt is twofold. One, because day 5 (the vlog blog) took me forever to sort and day 4 was a bit more of a thought provoking piece and two, because I’m writing this quick before I go to work. 

So what is in my bag…? One sec, let me get my bag… 

1) Half a bottle of Diet Coke: I drink it a lot and there is normally some remnants in my bag. 

2) Two pairs of 3D glasses: I go to the cinema a lot, so always need to be prepared. I also have a very forgetful friend who always forgets hers. 

3) My purse: I needs the money. 

4) My film journal: See the afore mentioned “lots of films”. I’m writing down and reviewing every single film I watch in 2015 and my Moleskine film journal makes me happy to be alive. 

5) A small pharmacy: I used to work at Boots and since then seem to travel with the medication for all manner of accidents and emergencies, just in case. 

6) Lip Balm: I do not currently wish to disclose how many lip balms are in my bag. I have a bit of a problem/obsession with having a lot of lip balm with me. My sister in law once counted 12 in one handbag. 

7) Perfume: Although this is a bit useless currently since my epic 2 1/2 month (and counting) illness marathon has rendered me temporarily anosmic. 

8) Tissues: See the afore mentioned illness. There is much nose blowing afoot right now. 

9) 2 Beanie hats: I always carry a hat just in case. I think I forgot there was already one in there. 

10) Inhaler: It’s in there for show really, I don’t need to use it much. Although on days, like yesterday, when delightful children decide to spray deodorant all over my classroom, I’m glad it’s there! 

Well that was exciting wasn’t it?! Check in later for Day 7. 

Lex xx

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3 thoughts on “Day 6: What’s in your bag…

  1. Amy Hewitt

    You say bag – I think you secretly mean suitcase from the amount you have crammed in! Either way I enjoyed the post – and the whole blog so far for that matter! I look forward to continuing following along through out the rest if lent! Hope all is well! A 🙂

  2. Kerry Clifford-Taylor

    Morning Lovely Lex! Just wanted to say just discovered your 40 days of writing (I have no idea whats going in the world without facebook – my Lent sacrifice)….. but saw you last night and it prompted me to look for you online to see if you’d written anything lately as I adore everything you write and tadaaaa! Found this little gem! Was late to work this morning from reading your stuff when I should have been in the shower. Loving your work……hugely, am so glad you are writing again, the world is more colourful with your musings in it.
    Keep blogging, keep being nice, (nice rocks) and the dress is BLUE AND BLACK…… In ANY light!
    Big love, Kerry x

    • lexbradley

      Hi Kerry,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment (although sorry it made you late, oops!)
      Really loving some of the more locket things that I’ve been writing about over the last couple of weeks, deffo healing the writer’s block!
      See you soon x

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