Day 7: A day in the life of Lex …

(Brace yourself, it’s thrilling) 

5:45am- My first alarm goes off, I turn it off and go back to sleep.

6:00am- My second alarm goes off, I turn it off and go back to sleep. 

6:15am- My third alarm goes off, I turn it off and go back to sleep. 

6:30am- My fourth and final alarm goes off, I turn it off and get out of bed. (I believe in the psychological benefits of getting to turn alarms off and go back to sleep, hence the 4 alarm system!) 

6:45am- I exit the shower and start to get ready. I have no ironed work trousers, I get cross at myself. I remember I’ve got to take my gym stuff to work and should have packed my bag last night, I get cross at myself again.

7:15am- I shove some lunch in my work bag and make breakfast. Normally I read the paper over breakfast, but today I had yesterday’s blog to write and upload, so over my tea and toast I wrote. 

7:40am- I leave for work.

7:50am- I arrive at work, turn my laptop on, check emails, check my planner and remind myself of what on earth I’m doing today. 

8:40am- Morning briefing. Stand awkwardly in/on/by a box. 

9:05am-  This morning is unusual in that we have whole school mass. So I get to not teach year 11 first thing on a Tuesday (huroo hurray) today and instead head down to the sports hall for mass. 

9:45am- Head back to the office and manage to waste a precious extra free drinking tea and randomly shuffling books around, get cross at myself. 

11:15am- Head to my classroom to teach year 8. Considering they’d just got out of mass they work well, we get lots done and I’m pleasantly surprised, a rarity with this class! 

12:15pm- After break I teach year 10. I really enjoy teaching this lot and we have a good lesson. 

12:55pm- Head into a department meeting. Fun times! 

1:35pm- Lunch time. Noodles are good for my belly and good my soul. 

2:15pm- On Tuesday afternoons everyone else teaches, so I get the office to my self. I crank up some tunes and try and get loads done. I get less done than I’d hoped, I get cross at myself. Starting to feel a bit poorly.

3:35pm- End of the school day and I head into a second department meeting. I know, how lucky can one gal be?! 

4:45pm- Leave work, feeling pretty rough. Was going to meet a friend at the gym but she couldn’t make it, so nip into Sainsburys on the way home to get some dinner. 

5:30pm- Catch up on personal emails (big day with lots of emails from publishers today!) over some dinner. 

7:15pm- Head to Bootcamp. Realise I’m the only one who’s turned up, so wind up having a personal training session! It’s tough, I nearly throw up, but make it through in spite of feeling really ill. 

8:15pm- Come home, grab a protein shake and find some ominous looking white spots in my throat. Oopsie! 

8:30pm- Put on Greys Anatomy and settle down to some marking. 

10:30pm- Get ready for bed and settle down to write Day 7 (but you know that, you’re reading it!) 

11:30pm- Post Day 7 and hit the hay. 

Lex xx


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