Day 18: 5 favourite movies you’ll never get bored of…

So, again I have grouped two writing prompts together. Because being asked to pick 5 favourite films is harder than having to pick my favourite quote. So adding on “that you’ll never get bored of” makes it a little easier. I decided that I’m going to include some of my favourite clips form these movies to show you ehy I just can’t get enough of them…

1) Hairspray. When I first saw Hairspray I watched it everyday in the cinema for a week… that is love!! And I will never get bored of it, ever!

2) Juno. Again, I watched multiple times in a the same week when I got it on dvd.

3) Princess Diaries 1 & 2 (Not cheating). There are so many reasons that this film is one of my favourites, the main one being it was the origin of my fantasy that Julie Andrews was my long lost Grandma and would tell me I’m a princess and give me a makeover.

4) She’s The Man. This film redeems itself in being a super American, cheesy teen film by it being a modern retelling of Twelfth Night (highbrow). If i could, I would quote She’s The Man all the live long day, my favourite’s Gouda…

5) The Railway Children. No reason needed here. If you haven’t seen it you need to and if you don’t cry you’re dead inside. 

Hope I’ve maybe given people a few new films t add to their must see list, or reminded you of some old classics. 

Lex xx

It was like you wanted to hold on till your birthday Feb.18, which you did and let go 4 days later.

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