Day 19: Music that moves you…

A beautiful writing prompt for a lovely chilled Sunday blog. 

There are so many wonderful pieces of music that move me for all manner of different reasons. There are pieces that remind me of specific events or people. Pieces that evoke certain emotions. Pieces that make me happy to be alive and pieces that cause me to weep. 

Music makes my world go round and often I become infatuated with a certain piece of music for a short while, then the obsession will wane slightly until I hear it again a couple of months down the line. But the particular piece that I’m going to share with you today I never tire of. I think it is as beautiful now as the first time I heard it and fell in love with it. (I’ve listened to it 4 times while writing this!) 

It is a piece called Ashokan Farewell and is by Jay Ungar. It is a beautiful piece of classical/folk music that shows just how wonderful a violin can sound when played properly!! I heard a story that Jay used to run music camps for young people and one camp, when the kids had gone home and he was walking round the empty site he picked up his violin and started playing this beautifully haunting tune, and that is how Ashokan Farwell was written. Makes me love it about 10 times more. 

This is top of my “I’d like this at my funeral” list of music (we all have those lists, right?!)… mainly because in my ridiculous mind my funeral will be very dramatic, on a Wuthering Heights-esque moor, while Jim Broadbent gives a somber eulogy… Yes i am describing the funeral of Aragog the giant tarantula in Harry Potter, problem? 

Anyway, get yourself a cup of tea, pop your feet up and let this beautiful piece of music speak to your soul…

Lex xx

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