Day 20: First Celebrity crushes…

So from the beautifully sublime writing prompt of yesterday, to the frankly ridiculous of today! I must say I am enjoying the variety of these writing prompts, I hope you are!

My first celebrity crush, that I know was definitely a crush, was Simba. Yep, you read that right! Simba the lion from Lion King. At the time, I don’t really remember thinking it was weird, I was 4 when it came out. I just know that I loved that lion. And it wasn’t just “Gosh he sings well” or “Ah he’s nice”, it was definately “He’s attractive”!! And you may judge me for this, and think it’s weird, but I know others who fancy Disney’s Robin Hood (the fox), so I’m allowed to fancy a lion. Just look at him: 

If the lads are allowed to fancy the Little Mermaid (who is half fish) then I’m allowed to fancy a lion. Actually, while we’re on that thought, Ariel is definately the hottest Disney Princess and in retrospect, probably fancied her too… 

But if I’m asked for my first human crush, if I have to be conventional, then I guess it was Ben from A1. He was definately the first guy who I had a poster of on my wall… I say wall, it was a life sized poster of him on my ceiling. Wow, I can practically hear people’s opinions of me plumitting as I type!! 

Looking at him now, mainly the hair, Ben looks a bit similar to Simba, so maybe I had a type even in my formative years! Let’s just take a minute to appreciate Ben’s beautifully manicured 90’s curtains… 

Anyhoo, I’m just off to die of shame, bye! 

Lex xx

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