Day 25: What makes me feel better, always…

I’ve had a tough week, a couple of tough weeks. So writing about what makes me feel better feels like the right kinda thing to do. There are a few things on my list that if I’m poorly/sad/struggling I really need in my life…

  • My bunny, Pudding. 
  • My duvet.
  • Jimjams (preferably either of my Harry Potter pairs) 
  • Diet coke (sometimes with one of my favourite men, Jack Daniels, making an appearance)
  • A specific playlist on my iPod.
  • A box set (right now it’s Grey’s Anatomy)
  • A notebook (the prettier the better) 
  • A Barbie (they have healing properties) 
  • A banana, honey and peanut butter sandwich (ultimate comfort) 
  • Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Ice cream (I’ve recently made a realisation and a bold claim,  Haagen-Dazs Pralene & cream is my ultimate fave Ice cream flavour)

So that’s what my next couple if evenings look like… 

Lex xx

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