Day 38: Being Hit On…

(Ooops, technically this is a day late cos it’s just gone midnight!)

So the other week I thought I was being hit on. Believe it or not it doesn’t happen that often and so it isn’t something I wander around thinking all the time. But this time I thought I was being hit on. 

I was at the gym doing a long run. I was on the treadmill and had been for about 40 minutes when I realised that the girl a couple of treadmills across from me was looking at me. I could see her out of the corner of my eye and she kept looking. I thought to myself, is she checking me out?! 

She got off the treadmill and moved on to some weights, but was still in sight of me and carried on looking. I got to the end of my 10k and got off the treadmill, looked at this girl as I went downstairs, she was obviously interested in me… But wasn’t coming over to talk to me. Shy as I am, I wasn’t going to go and ask if she liked what she saw…

When I got home I realised why she’d obviously been so interested in me. I had sweated half my hair dye off and my face had turned blue. 

She wasn’t hitting on me at all.

Lex xx


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