Day 40: Why…?

So here it is, the final day, final countdown, final curtain… No I’m not dying it’s just that this is the last day of my current blogging project. 

And for this final day I ask myself why…?

Why did I start doing this in the first place? Well as I said at the time, ever the one to take the bull by the horns, I decided to write every day for 40 days to cure my writer’s block, to release water into that dry well. In February, having written about the last thing I ever thought I would ever share, I thought there was nowhere left to go. I thought at 25, with one book under my belt and less than a hundred relatively mediocre blogs, that I’d run out of words. I didn’t know what else to say, having said the thing I’d never say…

So the only option was to bear everything, literally. To find all the other stuff to share, to realise that blogs don’t have to be earth shattering and go viral. They just have to be thoughts that get shared. Because this is what my blog is, an open journal. So during these 40 days I learnt that it’s ok to just talk about my favourite songs, or things I like. Writing is writing, and that is what makes my brain work, not ripping my soul out and putting on a page every single day (I’m not staying I won’t do that sometimes, just maybe not all the time).

And the second why is, why are you stopping here? I realise that this is the 40th day, but A) I’m posting this on day 39 and B) lent doesn’t end for a week. The reason I’m stopping today is because I’m going away. Today I trolley off down south to Soring Harvest and there will be pretty pants signal there so the actual act of posting will be problematic. But mainly I want to be present for the week I’m down there and not thinking about what to post next. I’m really hoping to be challenged and stretched this week and what to experience that in the moment. 

So no words from me for a little while, but then I guess you may have got bored of me whaffing on by now anyway, right? 

Lex xx


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