Day 17: A time you made a snow angel…

Isn’t it warm?! Seems to be the thing that I find myself saying to people and hear as a main topic of conversation. It is really, very unseasonably warm. I heard yesterday that it got up to 17… in December?! Madness!! 

I don’t know about you, but it is denting the Christmassy feelings a little because it isn’t cold and crisp like a good British December day should be. I just wandered across to work without a coat, what’s going on? 

So to maybe remind us of Christmases past,when there was perhaps a whisper of snow lingering about the ground and it was most definitely chillier, putting us all in the Christmas spirit, I’m going to recall a time of making snow angels. 

This particular angel occurred in 2009. My first Christmas working at Bridgebuilder. It had snowed overnight and we were trecking in so we could go  for our staff Christmas lunch. We had no school’s work booked in so had a pretty free morning and the snow below us lay untouched and unplayed with. What else were two student youth workers going to do?! I made a snow angel and made our office manager take a photo, then we hid behind a bush waiting until our boss arrived and pelted her with snowballs, happy times! 

The snow angel wasn’t bad, but it did result in  me getting very wet pants that I then had to sit in throughout lunch, less happy times. 


Alas, no snow angels this year…

Lex xx

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