Day 18: Favourite Christmas Memory…

Christmas is one of those times when memories blend into one. It’s hard to pick out individual times that have been favourites because childhood Christmases have become one big blob of awesome, rosy memory stuff. 

I guess there are a few that stand out though…

I must have been about 6 or 7 when I was given a full fairy dressing up costume by my Nanna and spent he rest of Christmas day (and possibly the next few days) being a fairy and refusing to take it off. There were many jokes made about putting me on top of the tree that year… how we laughed…

I was definitely 8 the year that I got a toy microphone that both clapped and laughed (My love of standing up and showing off suddenly becomes clear!) the same year that my brother got the first Spice Girls album. I spent that festive period treating EVERYONE to shows. You’re welcome guys. 

Then I must have been about 10 or 11 the year that my brother and I had decided that it would be funny to ask for puppies, knowing that we’d never get one. On Christmas morning my dad bought in the cat carrier with two stuffed puppies in (complete with leads). That stands out because for one brilliant moment we thought they’d actually gone and done it!! 

I guess one of the things that I love about Christmas most is making more memories every year… looking forward to new ones next week. 

Lex xx

Blogmas Day No. 18

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