Day 19: 5 Things to be jolly about…

It’s a jolly time of year. It’s always so much easier to be jollier at Christmas. And this year there is much to be jolly about…

  1. I get to spend today with my favourite boy! I miss Noah so much living away from my family most of tyhe time. But today I get to babysit him all day and we are gonna have some jolly fun times!! 
  2. The end of term! I hate to be a cliched person working in the education sector, but the end of term really does make me very jolly.
  3. Some time at home over the festive period, with time off and living close enough that i can shuttle between work and home. I’m spending some time in the bosom of my family’s bosom. 
  4. I’m not ill yet!! This time last year I was sick and didn’t get better until March (seriously!) So I’m jolly that as of yet, I don’t seem to have the lurgy. 
  5. I received the best gift in the form of our exec principal informing me that they were extending my contract to a second year… Yessssss! 

Have a holly JOLLY Christmas! 

Lex xx


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