Day 20: A Day in December life…

8:00am- My alarm goes off and I summon the courage to get our of my warm bed (While I have now worked out the heating, my flat is big and with one person in it it is still a bit chilly at times!) 

8:30am- Sort out some sort of Breakfasty type thing and prepare for another busy December day.

8:45am- Walk across the road and help the Sunday school children get sorted in nativity costumes

9:00am- Get dressed in my “costume”. I’m subdeaconing this morning, so I need to robe up.

9:30am- Morning Eucharist with nativity, so I spend an hour processing around, trying to remember to bow in the right places and holding up words/ doing actions for the children during the nativity. 

10:30am- The service finishes, grab a quick coffee with some of the church peeps (by peeps I mean OAPeeps)

11:00am Drive home to MK

1:00pm- Lunch at home 

2:00pm-3:00pm- Festive afternoon laziness. Nice. Introduced Dad and stepmom to Nativity, they loved it.

4:oopm- Carols by Candlelight at St Mary’s Bletchely, home church. Good to be back!! 

6:00pm- Drive round to a local street that go mental with their lights to take them in, pretty festive flashing!

9:00pm- Apprentice final, woot woot!! Last Apprentice date with the Rews of 2015, good times 

10:30pm- Sleep!! 

Lex xx

Blogmas Day No 20

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