Day 23: Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

I know we haven’t spoken in years. That’s my fault, I stopped writing, I changed. I’m sorry.

I haven’t left you treats out in ages, haven’t tried to stay awake to listen out for you. I guess when I stopped writing, I stopped believing that you would really come. Again that’s my fault, my bad.

How have you been? Still in the same job? Reindeer keeping well?

Anyway, I guess I’m writing to say that while we’ve both moved on, I’m older now, there is this new little guy in our family who needs to get to know about you, he met you this year in a garden centre (you did always hang out in some weird places, remember when you were at MK library?!) Anyway, Noah’s too young to write you letters yet, but he’s definitely on the nice list, make sure he has a great Christmas?

I kinda miss you Santa, Christmases were always extra magical when you were part of them. I might leave you a sherry out, you know, for old time’s sake…

Lex xx

P.s. Let’s enjoy this Santa themed classic from Veggie tales…

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