Day 22: What still needs to be done…?

As someone who is both very organised and loves Christmas, there is rarely much that still needs to be done at this point every year. I generally wrap presents and do cards in the first week or two of December so that all that is left by this time of the Christmas countdown is to relax and soak up Christmassy atmos! 

That said, it is around this time every year that I start to get the pre-Chirstmas eve jitters over the mammoth task of cooking all day. Although it is a job I love and I choose to do it every year, I still get nervous that everything will go wrong and it will be a disaster. It hasn’t happened yet, but there is always a first time!! 

This year, however, Christmas Eve cooking is going to be that little bit more stressful as what also still needs to happen is two more services back in Berko! Aaaarghh! So, I will be preparing as much as I possibly can before 1’oclock. Go to the graveyard with the famalam, drive to Berko, do two services and then drive straight home to cook the final bits and enjoy Christmas eve with everyone. 

So havingsaid that there is always very little left to do by this point, in writing it down there’s actually lots! I’m going to lie down…

Lex xx

Blogmas Day No 22

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