Day 8: Found Poetry…

A simple prompt for today. There are libraries of words written in poetry and prose about grief. And that is huge comfort when you yourself are grieving, that you can stumble across some of these words, quite unexpectedly, and it is like a hand reaching out of the text and telling you “Me too.” 

There are many words I could share today, but one that has brought me comfort, I think especially now, a little ways down the road…as the shadows grow longer… is an untitled poem, attributed simply to “Laura” 

There is a grief that ages the face and hardens the heart Yet softens the spirit…

 A grief that casts shadows on the eyes Yet broadens the mind…

A grief that keeps the pain and has no words But increases the understanding…

 There is a grief that breaks the heart and wounds the soul,
That lasts and lasts and can shatter in a minute,But will inspire for a lifetime.

Lex xx


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