Day 21: Has your faith changed…?

In a word… yes! 

When the music changes. When grief becomes part of your life. When there are shadows where once there was light, it changes you, irrevocably. Every single aspect of your life is touched, shaken up, brought into sharper focus. Everything is changed. 

And that includes faith. When someone we love dies, regardless of whether we believe or know that they will rise again in glory, our faith takes on a different quality. It becomes just a little bit darker, we’ve seen and known the shadows. It becomes a little more complicated, heavier, we’ve seen the cost and understand the weight of what it is sometimes to have faith. It becomes truer, less shiny, deeper. It’s more profound, robust, valuable. 

In short our faith changes when someone we love dies, not always for the better. But if we manage to keep our faith while grieving, then there also changes that comfort us and make our faith better. 

And the thing is, that’s what makes it faith rather than a simple fact that can be proved and known. Because it changes. It is buffeted and warped by the storms of life, but if it remains, even the tiniest fractured kernel of it, then that’s faith my friend. 

Lex xx 


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