Day 20: Breathe…

We are living in interesting and uncertain times. I’m sure you must all feel the same way as I do currently. I have just packed up my study at college, unsure when exactly I will set foot in it again. We live in the limbo of not knowing what is to come. 

And I can’t help but see the similarities of this time globally and personal grief. Sometimes we want to self isolate, sometimes we have to. Grief causes us to distance ourselves socially. The future is uncertain, and we live with the anxiety of who we’ll see next and when. Our perspectives of who and what is important get shaken up and brought sharper into focus. And, above all, breathing is important. 


In grief, and especially currently, let’s all take a moment to breathe deeply. To remind ourselves that we are alive and just to take a breath is taking a step onward. And sometimes that is as much as we can expect of ourselves. 

Today, let’s breathe. 

Lex xx


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