Day 29: What heals you…?

There are many things that bring healing, not all at the same time and not always to the same degree, but it is so comforting that there are things in the world that heal. 

  • Sunshine. Sometimes we are more like flowers than we care to appreciate, just a little bit of sun our faces, feeds and heal our souls and hearts. 
  • Salt water. Being in the sea. Being near the sea. Smelling the sea. Sweating. Crying. Salt water heals some of the hurts. 
  • Dirt. Whether it is getting in the dirt gardening or cleaning off dirt in the house, there is something about getting back to basics in the dirt that is healing. 
  • Moving.
  • Creating. It’s why I write. But there is also painting, singing, dancing, taking photos. Creating reminds us that there is hope and new life and potential in the world. 
  • Silence. Sometimes a quiet world helps us to heal when our hearts and minds are anything but.

Lex xx


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