Day 33: Dear World…

Dear World, 

I’m so sorry. I’m really sorry for your loss, of freedom, of stability, of safety. I’m sorry you’re grieving, world. Because you are, it’s grief that you’re feeling. 

Be kind to yourself and everyone else, world. Be kind, because people are important and we need to love them a little bit more today. We need to make sure that the people we love, are in no doubt that we love them. 

Be gentle, world. Be gentle with yourself, because this is tough right now. Care for yourself gently and intentionally. Treat everyone you meet carefully, because we all deserve it at the moment. 

Take deep breaths. Eat well. Sleep when you need. Brush your teeth. Put some trousers on. Don’e eat all the biscuits. Also, eat some biscuits. Talk to your friends. Love. 

It will be alright at some point world, it wont “get better”, we will lose some people along the way, but the sun will rise again. 

Lex xx


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