Day 34: When you’re having a particularly hard day or week, what do you wish others would understand…?

I wish more people understood grief ambushes. I wish people knew that I am as blindsided by my reaction to something or sudden change in mood as they are, if not more. 

I wish people understood that I know when I am making it difficult to live with me or love me. Knowing it and being able to change it are two very different things. 

I wish people understood that, yes, I’m still grieving and it still hurts.

I wish that people would understand that mentioning my mum isn’t going to “upset me more”, that isn’t a thing. 

I wish people would understand that sometimes I just want people to come and walk in the shadows with me. 

That’s part of the reasons that I wrote my book, that I’m still writing these blogs, because we could all do with a bit more understanding of each other’s grief. 

Lex xx


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