So, today’s post has been in my mind since last week… I have really wanted to write it cos it’s always fun to have an Epiphany of sorts and let people know about what you’ve learnt. But also cos I think that there is something to be learnt for us all in what has been going around my little spiky head. But I have been delayed in posting cos, as always, I’ve been uber busy!! So without further a do…

I don’t know if you’ve watched the film calendar girls, if you haven’t then DO because it’s amazing!! It is one of my favourite films, it tells such an awesome story of hope and friendship in a really gentle and funny way.

I always love how something that you have seen, read or heard can come back and teach you something new even if it’s the hundredth time you’ve experienced it. Maybe that’s why I love movies so much, cos every time I watch one I’m learning something new; and why I have some books that i read over and over, because something new jumps out and grabs my mind with each fresh reading; or why there are certain albums I will always come back to, because when I hear a certain song things make sense on a deeper level. So when I watched Calendar girls again last week, I wasn’t surprised that there was something that I grasped in a new way.

I know, more than anyone, that sometimes I have the habit of being a pessimist. Sometimes I’m really just not in the mood to be positive about this stupidly messed up world, and my equally stupidly messed up life. And this can really cause problems, I know there are days when the bad mood is bigger than me, when you start to let a bad mood, or a bad day, or a bad week, or a bad patch define who you are and dictate your behaviour then something needs to be done. When feeling rubbish gets in the way of more important, every day things, that are easy to replace then something needs to be done. When eating properly goes out the window and sleeping isn’t that important anymore and you turn to something earthly that will never help instead of turning to the power and presence of God through his word and prayer; then alarm bells should be going off and a few lessons need to be taken in positivity.

A very wise friend of mine (thanks mummy Hanz) has always said that it is a daily choice to be positive. To wake up every day and not let the crap in, choose to say no to bad moods and seek to find the positive in any situation. I told her that I don’t think I have that much power over my moods, and if I wake up feeling rubbish then I have no choice but to go with it. I honestly thought that we personally didn’t really have a choice over what we felt. Until now. Suddenly I am increasingly aware that she might just be right….

So back to what this has to do with calender girls and the title of today’s blog. I’m not give away the story, incase anyone hasn’t seen it, but I will just talk about one bit where someone is explaining why sunflowers are their favourite flowers. They say:

“I don’t think there is anything that more trumpets life. … Wherever light is, no matter how weak, these flowers will find and follow it. And that is such an admirable thing. And such a lesson in life.”

Like I said, I have watched this film countless times before, but this quote leapt out at me like it never had before and has really made sense to me in so  many ways. (Not only that but the realisation that maybe Big G is trying to tell me something, because he seems to have launched a double attack with  Hanz and Helen Mirren!!!)

So, in light of this, what have I learnt. I know that turning my life around and learning to be positive isn’t gonna be easy, I know it’s going to take practice. Breaking habits is always hard. But I do have that understanding and desire there now, to learn to live my life as a sunflower…

Seeking light, hope, goodness, God in any situation that comes along. Choosing to find and follow that light so I can shine for my Father in Heaven. Learning not to let my sights fall to the floor where I can’t see the light and thus not grow or move or learn. Finally grasping and really understanding on every level that it’s ok to be positive, that it’s safe to have hope  and believe in a better mood and a better day because in the end we do have an eternal hope to look forward to and be positive about.

So, I pray that you all would join me in my new journey towards positivity. That you would all live like sunflowers; seeking and searching for the light, wherever it may be.

Lex xx

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One thought on “Sunflowers

  1. Richard Fletcher

    Good one Lex. I should have left writing books to you.

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