Day 22: What are your 3 top priorities in life during this season? 

Not a particularly long blog today, it’s late and I’m tired. Also not a particularly cheery blog either, if that’s what you’re up for maybe skip today. I’m not in a great mood and this is highlighted when asked what my three top priorities are right now. 

Self preservation. Survival. Treading water. 

2014 beat me up and left me for dead, I can’t let that continue to be the story for 2015. Meaning that one of the top things I focus on at the moment is making sure I’m not hurt in the same way again. 

I am in a season of plodding. I don’t need to thrive, I’m not excelling and there are few leaps forward to be made. I am surviving. If I’m alive at the end of the day, it’s a success. 

I feel like I’m drowning for about three quarters of the week. Keeping my head above water is all I can hope to achieve in this. 

No clever analogies,  no witty remarks, these are my top priorities for now. 

Lex xx

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