Day 23: Did you make someone laugh today, was it intentional…? 

I generally love to make people laugh and see it as a massive part of who I am and how I roll. Today I made someone laugh, and it was definately intentional. 

Every Thursday I intentionally make someone laugh. One of my favourite someones. 

Today, and every Thursday, Noah laughed because of me. 

Today it was tickles, dancing, singing songs, cuddles, silly noises and row row your boat. Right now I know what makes Noah laugh and it’s the best thing in the world. 

It is my hope that as he grows I continue to know Noah well enough to be able always make him laugh, see him smile, bring him joy. It is my hope that we are always as close as we are now… Every 18 year old boy is best buddies with their auntie, right?! 

Lex xx

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