Day 31: 5 Things you should have done today…

Oooh lovely, I do love to finish a day with a list of “shoulda,woulda,coulda”s… What larks!! 

Today I should have…

  1. Watched the eclipse: There are only so many eclipses you get to see in your life and the class I was teaching this morning weren’t even alive in 99 when we had the last. So as one of the few places in the country without full cloud coverage, I should have taken the decision to let them have a look outside, rather than ploughing on with the swoon theory inside.
  2. Used my free wisely: I have one free on a Friday and it is my most wasted of the whole week. Today I should have marked some year 10 assessments, instead I watched some documentaries on youtube about The Shroud of Turin. 
  3. Not eaten a lot of digestives: Left over packet from year 11 biscuit break earlier in the week, led to a pre lunch biscuit break of my own. 
  4. Gone for a run: It totally could have happened, it didn’t. It needs to start happening more considering I’m A) eating really badly at the moment and B) technically training for a triathlon! 
  5. Finished the blog that was supposed to be posted today: I have a half finished blog on my computer that I’m just too tired to  finish tonight. Bashing out a neat little list blog was easier to do. Tomorrow I will post the half finished one. Promise. 

Lex xx


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