Day 35: What are you currently reading and what was the last book you read…? 

So there is some marked juxtaposition in the answers to these two questions and I quite like it. 

The last book I read was a beautiful work of chick-lit wonder. Giovanna Fletcher is a fabulous writer (and also just so happens to be part of my favourite celeb family, one half of the cutest/coolest celeb couples and mother of the coolest a little boy, bar my nephew, in the world). ‘Billy & Me’ is Giovanna’s first novel and is a beautifully told love story. But not only is it a classic boy meets girl rom-com, there is a lot of depth and “other stuff” going on in there too. It discusses friendship and how it can go above and beyond generations, family, grief and the bittersweet world of fame. I loved it and would happily recommend it to anyone. 


The book I am currently reading is as completely different to a romantic comedy love story as could be. ‘How to be a woman ‘ by Caitlin Moran is a guide to feminism for the every day woman. It is laugh out loud funny, shockingly honest and something that every single woman needs to read. I used to be a feminist that shied away from the actual term because of the negativity attached to it. Now I’m proud to wear that badge and ridiculously proud to be a woman! I will and have recommend this book to every lady I know (I did one chapter in!) but it isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s a touch rudey dudey, what am I saying? The chapter on what one should call your upstairs and downstairs areas is downright filthy and would make many (not just the prudes like me) blush! 


Seriously get reading folks!! 

Lex xx


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